The Economics of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity in Ontario (TEEBO) 2018 update

September 28, 2020

This report aims to inform Ontarians about key economic issues involving ecosystem services and biodiversity in Ontario. These are considered together because their economic issues are similar. This follows the practice of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), of which Canada is a member. This report updates an earlier 2012 report with […]


Ontario’s Good Fortune: Appreciating the Greenbelt’s Natural Capital 2016

November 21, 2016

This report provides an estimate of the final ecological services provided by the Greenbelt’s natural capital.



October 28, 2016

The natural capital concept is not a sell-out. It’s a way to shine light on, and cultivate appreciation for, the invisible benefits of nature.


Where Money Grows

July 18, 2016

Why more cities need to add up the economic value of trees


Video simplifying the idea of ecosystem services

December 16, 2015

Quoted from YouTube: The Ecosystem Services concept is a powerful tool for the protection of the environment that is still in it’s early stages of implementation. In this video we offer an example of where it has worked extremely well.


Assessment of Potential Biodiversity Market Partnerships in Ontario

October 7, 2014

Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) is a non-profit organization based in Ontario that manages the rehabilitation of ecological services in communities across Canada and participates in the Canadian voluntary compensation market. Due to the challenges of adopting Payments for Ecological Service, AMOVEO, a student organization at the University of Waterloo, partnered with ALUS in 2012 […]


The Economics of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity in Ontario (TEEBO)

November 12, 2012

This report identifies over 50 key questions about the economics of ecosystem services and biodiversity. Answers to these questions draw upon the latest insights and initiatives that are relevant to Ontario and the Ontario Biodiversity Strategy. The result is a report that addresses: 1) the economic valuation of nature’s benefits that are mostly unpriced; 2) […]