Governance and Leadership

ONES is the acronym of the Ontario Network on Ecosystem Services.


ONES is governed by by-laws, which are modeled upon the requirements of a not-for-profit corporation in Ontario. Click here to read the by-laws.

Membership in ONES

As specified in our by-laws, people and organizations can become members of this network. Click here for more information and to apply.

Board of Directors (and Officers)

As specified in the by-laws, ONES is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors, from which three officers are chosen.  The current members of the board of directors (and officers) are:

  • Eric Miller (Chair)
  • Tatiana Koveshnikova (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Kerry McLaven (Network Manager)
  • Tom Bowers
  • Jeff Wilson

Steering Committee

A ONES Steering Committee is comprised of the Board of Directors and other network members that the Board invites who have an interest in advising on the strategic directions of ONES.

Special committees

As specified in the by-laws, the Board of Directors may establish committees that can include network members.

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