ONES Strategic Planning Session to be held Nov 22 (2013)

On Friday November 22 (2013) from 2:30-5PM, the ONES steering committee will host a strategic planning session in Room 10 at the Nottawasaga Inn (6015 Highway 89, Alliston, ON, L9R 1A4).

The purpose of this event is to renew the purpose, intended outcomes, and measures of success of ONES. This will inform future actions and events and to confirm a draft set of bylaws that could be suitable for incorporation.  This will also integrate the new additional mandate of ONES as a working group of the Ontario Biodiversity Council (as updated earlier).

This meeting is open to any interested supporters and network members. If you are interested in attending, or would like to pass on comments or suggestions, please e-mail to confirm your attendance and to be notified when our room is confirmed.


2:30-3PM: Review of draft bylaws. To be facilitated by Eric Miller.

Eric will walk us through a draft bylaws document, which identifies the rules that will govern ONES as an entity.  This includes the rights and responsibilities of members and directors, reporting and meeting requirements, and the nature of ONES as an organization.  These bylaws are informed by the requirements under provincial and federal acts that govern incorporated non-profits, even though ONES is not incorporated.  These bylaws were drafted from discussions at a Steering Retreat that was held May 23, 2013.

3-4PM: Strategic planning exercise. To be facilitated by Kaitlin Almack.

Kaitlin will introduce the purpose of strategic planning for organizations like ONES.  She will lead us through an exercise to confirm the purpose of ONES and its intended outcomes, with measures of success.  As part of this exercise, we will integrate the new additional purpose of ONES as a working group of the Ontario Biodiversity Council.

4-5PM: 2014 Work plan.  To be facilitated by Kaitlin Almack.

We will plan events, such as the timing and form of a 2014 ONES Workshop, the potential for smaller more focussed ONES Events that could be broadcast and recorded (e.g. the role of Ecosystem Services in Environmental Assessments, market-based instruments for Bobolink protection and recovery in Ontario, modelling the “benefits-shed” of ecosystem services from protected areas), seeking funding / administrative support, etc.

5PM: Other matters. To be facilitated by Mike Puddister.

This will review the outstanding ONES balance held in trust by the EOMF, recent expenses for ONES website software and promo, and other items not covered earlier in the meeting.

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