Montreal’s Ecosystems at your Service

Our mission is to connect McGillians and Montrealers with the ecosystems around them, and show how nature contributes to our quality of life. Our website is a place to read informative, engaging and interesting stories about how our daily lives are connected to nature and the ecosystems in and around Montreal. Since we’re scientists, we also want to highlight some of the incredible science behind these connections, in an accessible and understandable way.

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About Eric Miller

I am an Ecological Economist, currently working as a consulting economist and university lecturer. Most of my career has been in the Ontario and federal public service. About half of my work these days relates to ecosystem services: communicating the concept, assessing available information, and proposing ways to integrate the concept and measurement into policies and programs. I earned an MES in Ecological Macroeconomics from York University, a BA in Economics from McMaster University and a BSc in Biology from Carleton University.

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