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Ecosystem Services Toolkit: Completing and Using Ecosystem Service Assessment for Decision-Making – An Interdisciplinary Toolkit for Managers and Analysts

The Ecosystem Services Toolkit is a technical guide to ecosystem services assessment and analysis that offers practical, step-by-step guidance for governments at all levels, as well as for consultants and researchers. The approach is fully interdisciplinary, integrating biophysical sciences, social sciences, economics, and traditional and practitioner knowledge. It provides guidance on how to consider and incorporate ecosystem services analysis in a variety of different policy contexts such as spatial planning, environmental assessment, and wildlife management, among others. It contains numerous innovative tools and resources designed to enhance users’ understanding of ecosystem services and to support analysis and decision-making. Canadian examples are featured throughout the guide.

Suzuki Foundation’s Natural Capital Map Application

The David Suzuki Foundation is working on a fantastic project Putting Natural Capital on the Map where users can highlight a parcel of land and an estimate of the economic benefits in that area will be generated. Currently, the application focuses on water ecosystems in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

Click here to access the map application.

Additional information from the Suzuki Foundation on natural capital can be found here