Forests Ontario Annual Conference


The 2015 Forests Ontario Conference will be taking place on Friday, February 20th at the Nottawasaga Inn, Alliston. Upwards of 300 landowners, forestry professionals, educators and those interested in the health of our forests will be exploring the theme of “One Forest”.

Our forest is one forest. The divides between urban, peri-urban, rural and remote forests are merely boundaries put in place by people. Living things do not know these boundaries, and the benefits we receive go beyond the trees that only surround us. How can we work closer together to ensure the health and prosperity of all of Ontario’s forests? It begins with seeing the forest as continuous, and that every tree in any forest has value. We will explore the interconnectedness of our landscapes and the importance of seeing Ontario’s forests as one continuous forest supporting diverse communities across the province. Topics include Heritage Trees, species migration, climate change and managing your woodlot, and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

Registration: Members $85
Non- Members $110
Students $35

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About Kerry McLaven, Forests Ontario, Forest Program Manager

Forests Ontario is dedicated to the renewal and stewardship of Ontario's forests. Forests Ontario was created as a result of the merger of two not-for-profit organizations: Trees Ontario and the Ontario Forestry Association (OFA). Trees Ontario was committed to the re-greening of Ontario through tree planting on private rural lands, and the OFA was focused on education surrounding the management of our forest ecosystems. Together, as a unified voice, Forests Ontario will take forest renewal efforts to new heights, encouraging and supporting landowners in their efforts to plant and manage their forests, and creating a strong public presence advocating for abundant, healthy and sustainable forests. The merger creates an organization with enhanced capacity and effectiveness to tackle the challenge of supporting our forests - a key renewable resource in Ontario. Forests Ontario is the voice for Ontario's forests. We are a provincial resource and trusted authority for those seeking to invest in the future of our forests - through donations, sponsorship, volunteerism, tree planting, community awareness events and forest management.

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