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The Ripple Effect

Forests Ontario’s Annual Conference will be held this year in Alliston, Ontario at the Nottawasaga Inn and Convention Centre on Friday, February 9th, 2018. The Annual Conference is Ontario’s largest forestry conference bringing together more than 300 attendees from Conservation Authorities, municipalities, environmental non-governmental organizations, provincial governments, as well as landowners, educators and students.

The 2018 Conference theme is “The Ripple Effect”, exploring Climate Change from a variety of different aspects. The Annual Conference is an opportunity to learn more about current issues and opportunities facing our forests. The conference also provides important networking opportunities for those owning and working in our forests, with the overall goal of increasing the awareness of the value of our forests.

Latornell Symposium

A draft program is not yet out, but the theme is:

“ecological, policy and organisational succession, and continuing contributions to knowledge. Let us explore where we have been, how that has informed who we are today, and where we are headed.”

TEEB-AgriFood Canada

This is an exciting opportunity to meet with three global leaders in the field of environmental economics and true cost accounting while they are in Toronto.

The objectives of the workshop are to:

Introduce researchers, businesses and government in Canada to TEEB-AgriFood and to the potential benefits of doing full-cost accounting studies using the valuation framework.

Solicit feedback on how TEEB-AgriFood can be strengthened and enhanced as an innovative solution to the complex and entrenched ecological and societal challenges we face.

Generate ideas and concrete actions on how to apply TEEB-AgriFood’s cutting-edge framework to work in Canada with key stakeholders.

Natural Capital in Ontario

The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is hosting a full day workshop on natural capital valuation methods and management in partnership with the Natural Capital Lab and Ontario Network for Ecosystem Services.

The workshop will be relevant to municipalities, conservation authorities and other stakeholders interested in learning about recent advances in natural capital valuation and its applications from local and national projects.

This workshop will provide delegates:

An introduction to natural capital valuations and the work of the Natural Capital Lab.

A detailed understanding of the valuation process and available data sources using ‘Ontario’s Good Fortune; Appreciating the Greenbelt’s Natural Capital’ as an example

An introduction and progress update from the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative pilots including Peel and Oakville.

Break out sessions on how and why natural capital can be applied in your local context

Grey to Green

Grey to Green: Quantifying Green Infrastructure Performance

This conference is the leading forum for designers, policy makers, manufacturers, growers, landscapers, and other green infrastructure professionals to discuss the benefits of the important green infrastructure industry, and how to grow it even further.

This interdisciplinary conference explores the latest science on green infrastructure performance, economic valuation and public policy developments, new technological developments, and best practices in design, installation and maintenance. The conference also includes a trade show, cutting edge workshops which include tours of outstanding projects, and special networking events.

Why We Need to Change How We Measure Our Wealth

Comprehensive wealth (or inclusive wealth) is about measuring what matters in the long run.

It focuses on the role of people, the environment, and the economy in creating and sustaining well-being. It goes beyond merely measuring gross domestic product (GDP) and addresses issues that GDP cannot capture on its own.

Made up of five components: produced, financial, natural, human and social capital, comprehensive wealth is the holistic approach that will prove key to successfully guiding Canada through the 21st century and beyond.

You need to register in order to participate.

Introducing the Municipal Natural Asset Initiative

Learn more about innovative Canadian municipalities that are incorporating natural capital into core financial, asset management and infrastructure decision-making.

We will introduce the Municipal Natural Asset Initiative (MNAI), a platform for leading municipalities to experiment and innovate with natural capital through a series of pilot projects aimed at refining and replicating the Town of Gibsons’ Eco Asset Strategy.

The goal of the MNAI is to support municipalities in recognizing, measuring and managing the contribution natural systems make to people and municipal service delivery, using municipal asset management business processes.

This webinar will introduce participants to the Town of Gibsons’ Eco Asset Strategy, discuss how MNAI is scaling this strategy through a series of pilot projects, and describe how you can participate in shaping the future of natural capital valuation through the Natural Capital Lab.

Webinar Speakers:
John Purkis, Director, Natural Capital Lab
Roy Brooke, Director, Municipal Natural Asset Initiative
Emanuel Machado, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Gibsons, B.C.
Michelle Molnar, Environmental Economist, David Suzuki Foundation.

Accounting for Canada’s Natural Capital: Introducing the Natural Capital Protocol

For the past two years, the Natural Capital Coalition has worked with over 200 organizations spanning business, conservation, research, finance and policy to develop the Natural Capital Protocol. The Protocol helps businesses to identify, measure and value their impacts and dependencies on natural capital. Developing this capacity will better position businesses to respond to emerging risks as well as identify new market opportunities in a resource constrained world.

During this webinar, participants will receive an introduction to the Protocol from Mark Gough, Executive Director of the Natural Capital Coalition. Participants will learn about innovative pilot projects currently testing the Protocol and how applying the Protocol in your organization can create value and lead to stronger decision-making.

This webinar is co-hosted by the Natural Capital Lab, Deloitte, and the Natural Capital Coalition.