Procedures for the valuation of ecosystem services in federal environmental assessment (Draft)

Authored by Compass Resource Management Ltd. Published in 2013.

Under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 (CEAA 2012), Environment Canada (EC) is responsible for reviewing project proposals submitted for environmental assessment (EA) and providing advice to decision‐makers respecting the potential effects of these proposals on Canada’s environment. As part of this work, from time to time, EC’s Economic Analysis Directorate (EAD) conducts valuation of proposals’ potential effects.

This document is part of a three‐part project to help EAD improve its valuation work, including helping EAD expand its methods of valuation and improve how it deals with ecosystem services (ES). The first part of this project was a literature review of key issues and challenges in the valuation of ES in the EA context. The second step of this project was a workshop involving experts in valuation [including a member of ONES] to gather guidance on methods. The third part of this project is this document.

We are not aware of any online copy of this information, nor does ONES have a personal copy.

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